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  • Multiple conflicting definitions for “Conservative”, for 1 thing…

    WHEN you tolerate the:

    • moneyarchists
    • legalists
    • class-position worshippers / monarchists
    • authority-worshippers

    to claim that they define conservatism,

    & us who’re committed to conserving

    • G-D given LivingValidity
    • G-D given LivingWorth
    • G-D given LivingPotential
    • G-D offered LivingOpportunity

    … people are therefore defined to be not “conservative”…

    then the framing has been highjacked.

    Integrity-conservatives are conservatives.

    LivingPotential conservatives are conservatives, who’re interested in competent education for all, instead of accommodating the obliteration of LivingPotential through shit “education”…

    LivingOpportunity conservatives are conservatives, who want wastefulness-of-LivingOpportunity to be eradicated, so that we can be inhabiting it, instead of allowint it to be eradicated/wasted…


    I’d begin with the correct qualification of the version of “conservative” that a person is claiming.

    Corrupt privilege-conservatives ought be called such, & not let get-away-with claiming that the’re the rightful definers of “conservative”.

    This should go for all “conservative” & “liberal” identifications:

    Let people claim whatever variant they want, and then enforce accountability through matching their actual-behavior against their claims, with indestructible public accountability.

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  • Paragone@lemmy.worldtoNews@lemmy.world[META] Political News
    2 days ago

    Immunize the mods against ideological-torque:

    all the mods who can afford to need to subscribe to https://Ground.News in order to SEE when the community is being moved off target by unconscious bias or by machiavellianism,

    and, seeing what’s happening, they then have the leverage to counteract it, by posting news items that’re being ignored, or underreported, see?

    Proactive correction ( :

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  • I have found MediaBiasFactCheck to be … not entirely trustworthy.

    Same with Snopes.

    the comment about the UN being more-trustworthy in terms of framing is dead-on.

    the ICC issued a warrant for Netanyahu’s arrest, not because of a blog-post, or because of mere-opinion, but because of an ocean-of-evidence sufficient to justify a warrant for a man’s arrest.

    You apparently discount that, as do many, & hold that websites are more-valid than the ICC’s determination.

    Good for you.

    The ICC’s right, in this case, in my opinion, & the opinion of many others.

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  • Whether true or not, I don’t know.

    I DO know, however, that humans are not institution-puppets without any internal-motivations.

    IF they did do so, THEN that doesn’t mean Al Jazeera was in any way complicit.

    Apparently there’s some problem at The Washington Post, now, with the guy in charge of the news-room having participated in a crime, & now is ejecting people who have journalistic-standards…

    Does that mean they all are guilty of what he did?

    How could it?

    We’re in an age where considered-reasoning is being displaced by dogwhistle ideology/prejudice, & it’s required for humankind’s survival, that we get competent in journalism’s methodical & careful discernment.

    All of us.

    Our kind’s life IS at stake, this century.

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  • Ah, but the difference

    Yehoshua “Jesus” ( Iosa, actually, according to a Roman friend I had ) benJoseph was:

    • falsely-convicted
    • by legalists
    • whom benJoseph had consistently shown to be hypocrites, &
    • they were using legalism to convict him, to get even with him.

    Trump, however, admitted in court that “Mother Theresa couldn’t beat these charges” or something like that:

    Trump was convicted:

    • fair & square
    • honestly,
    • of actual-crimes
    • he himself committed.

    “Just like Jesus” my arse.

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  • Never mistake ideology/prejudice, aka Kahneman1 mind ( my term for it, from the ocean of understanding in Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast And Slow”, the most important book in the whole world, for understanding what’s going on, right now ).

    Ideology/prejudice, is THE ascendant-force among our world, & the greater the ClimatePunctuation’s acceleration ( its speed won’t peak for a few more decades, before slowing-down again, obviously ) continues, stress will drive ideology/prejudice’s supremacism, through all factions, globally.

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  • That HELPS Netanyahu.

    WHEN people with values/principles get out of the way of abusers in authority … then the abusers have an easier time of tilting the playing-field.

    Same as all the Democrats who vacated institutional-positions, “in protest” of abuser apointees, who then had an easier time of wrecking the United States.

    You have to get in harm’s way, & you have to remain in harm’s way, if you want the resultant-world to be worth-living-in.

    The Great Filter, this century, will test humankind’s ability to do that.

    If not, if “getting out of evil’s way” is humankind’s feelings’ choice, then harm/evil’s going to butcher humankind’s viability, & laugh all the way to humankind’s grave.

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  • The amount of power you could pull from a single square metre of solar on the roof wouldn’t increase your range meaningfully.

    What it would do, is that you could possibly keep your starter-battery from going dead-flat if you left your car alone for a 1/2 month, in the summer ( snow would cover it, obviously ), & since bringing a lead-acid battery to dead-flat permanently-damages it, this would prevent costly problems for the car-owners.

    ( this happened to a friend with a Prius: had to replace the battery, and the damned thing was inside the rear wheel-well??? in a little compartment.

    Origami-engineering’s … simultaneously incredible & stupidly-frustrating )

    I’ve held for years that they should be doing it to keep the starter-battery trickle-charging, but … why make the customers have fewer costly/frustrating problems?