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  • You can pirate media that uses that new blu ray drm by plugging a capture card into the overpriced compatible DVD player and recording the video. Also, it’s a way to transfer saved content from a dvr as their hard drives are always encrypted (do those still exist). The video stream on all this stuff is encrypted with hdcp to prevent this but there exist hdcp strippers. It seems to still be possible to buy them even on Amazon. Stock up before they get banned. Frankly I’m surprised they aren’t banned already.

  • The only disadvantage of display port that I can think of is that it’s harder to find capture devices (or at least Linux compatible ones) that have display port. Generally no one cares about that stuff though. I use capture cards because I sometimes do stuff involving other computers and it’s 1000 times more convenient to have a vlc window floating around with the display output.

    No one seems to have this use case besides me, I’m just glad that there exist capture cards fast enough to do playback in real-time and not a 5 second delay. I don’t stream.

  • I don’t really subscribe to the whole if civilization collaspes there will be no technology in anyone’s lifetime again thing. You aren’t going to go back to ordering shit off amazon from your smartphone or anything. However the knowledge that things like refrigeration, radio transmission, internal combustion engines, water treatment and such are possible is going to drive people to eventually find out how to get it by any means necessary.

    How quickly this happens is a question of whether the majority of people adopt a “technology is too dangerous/a sin against God” idealogy or not.

  • I did fast food for a long time and don’t really see how lowering prices when it’s not busy then increasing them during peak hours is going to do less harm than good. I think it would make more sense to charge a little less when they’re busy and have lots of employees and can make food faster. Then charge the normal price when it’s slow and they have less employees.

    It’s probably more about impressing investors as having bigger numbers in your sales report during peak hours looks good.

  • I was just joking kind of. I am a struggling computer engineering student always looking for ways to use my skills to earn a little extra income. What type of system compatibility would you need? Arduino compatible serial? Vintage AT motherboards? Some other thing like maybe a commander x16? If people really would be willing to buy homebrew graphics cards like that maybe I’ll look into it.