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  • High intensity helps me. Going to the gym does not give me the same type of drain.

    Find something that’s low impact, swimming? The fitness boxing I went to was mainly your own body weight and punching a bag with gloves so not very high impact. Tell the teacher/coach and ask them to recommend you alternative moves.

    Get into hot yoga? Zumba or something like that.

    Where I live there’s a thing called ClassPass and you buy points in the app that you can then spend on whatever class/sports/gym/whatever you want. See if there’s something similar near you and test shit out.

  • No matter how much it sucks, start working out. I know it sounds absolutely counterintuitive but using that energy for a 1h workout will give you so much power back.

    When I started working out I joined a boxing fitness class, it was simple. 1 hour, no prep, no need to think about gear and just follow instructions. It was exhausting but it rejuvenated me like crazy. It was like I had never charged my batteries before, because they never really drained so I had all this old, shit energy in me that was finally replenished.

    The first few times are rough but you’ll only gain from it, keep at it. Find something that’s easy to get to, near work or home and just do it. Don’t think, pack a bag tonight and try something out tomorrow.

  • Keep the box for your case and for your GPU. Pack those two items in their boxes. RAM/PSU/etc should be fine being stuck on the motherboard in the case. If you got a mechanical HDD, might be worth taking that out as well. And like someone else said, anything heavy should come out of the case. Be smart about the placement in the truck as well, put clothes/blankets/pillows under and around the case.