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  • No.

    I want equity, not equality.

    Not everyone has the same needs. I have more needs than most folks, unfortunately, and have had people be real damn swarmy about the “extra” things I am fortunate enough to be afforded because of it.

    Historically, those with disabilities, special needs, and other things are NOT treated well under communism. They are considered a burden because of their extra needs.

    Anyone who preaches against ableism should think real damn hard if they think that communism is compatible with anti-ableism. Calling out people who use the word “retard” ain’t shit if your actually ideology is staunchly not actually supportive of the handicapped & disabled.

    And before folks decide to dog-pile this post and say “OH, so you think capitalism is the better way, huh??” Fucking, no, obviously! I don’t have all the answers, but I can confidently say that communism ain’t it.

  • If you want to entice a cat to come closer, don’t look at it! Direct eye contact is seen as threatening.

    Put out your hand, point your face away from the cat, and put your hand out while gently calling it over. Your success rate will be much higher!

    Also, a good cat-noise to attract them is a light trill with an upward inflection. It’s my go-to when assuring nervous/unsure cats.

  • I have to make a conscious effort to drink water, and my health requires that I do so. In order to not be dehydrated and sick, I carry a water bottle wherever I go.

    I had a really cool NES water bottle that I loved because it had a push-button flip top. The less effort it takes for me to get to the water, the better! But eventually, the top broke and I begrudgingly had to get another water bottle.

    Got one off Amazon (during lockdowns), and I just always had issues with it. Too big, flip top would come open in my bag sometimes, hard to clean, etc. I finally asked for a water bottle for Christmas as the one thing I wanted, and my SIL came through.

    The flip top is SO easy to clean, the button is great, it has a handle that can flip up & down and doubles as a safety that covers up the button (so no more accidental openings!!), it has a pour spout AND a clever af straw-less sip option built into the top and it is just… so good. She got me a bright orange one, because that was the only color they had in the store at the time, and she was worried I would have preferred a darker, more neutral color. Nope! Turns out, it’s perfect for making sure I don’t constantly lose my water bottle anymore!

    As you can see, I will ramble to anyone who asks about it, because it’s just so damn good.

    I recently realized that it comes in different sizes, too!!

    So anyone in the market for a damn good water bottle, check out the “owala”-brand. It’s extremely inexpensive, great quality, lots of color & size choices, and it’s just great. I swear I’m not a company shill– just a passionate hydro homie.

    Here’s a photo of mine. Yours will not come with stickers. Gotta supply your own. Sorry!