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  • Oh, you mean something like GPL, which has been responsible for more technological freedom than any other concept in the past 30 years, except maybe the internet? Even the Internet was built on open standards and public RFCs, with billions and billions of Internet-bound Linux devices.

    Let’s not treat this like it’s some new problem. The solution is right there. Just pick it up and use it, and thank your local OSS developer for actually maintaining the other software you use.

  • This is an overly simplified summary that doesn’t describe the objection to mentioning Congress as the only body to enforce the amendment. It was 9-0, but 4 justices made a special declaration pointing that out.

    While all nine justices agreed that Trump should be on the ballot, there was sharp disagreement from the three liberal members of the court and a milder disagreement from conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett that their colleagues went too far in determining what Congress must do to disqualify someone from federal office.

  • Country size has a huge impact on the ability to make sweeping changes to infrastructure and public opinion. A country the size of one US state can do whatever they want and it’s not going to take 50 years to implement.

    South Korea has broadband everywhere? Sure, they are a rich country the size of Indiana and lacing all of that fiber is trivial compared to the entire land mass of the US, or worse, Russia or China. Governmental demands scale much differently the larger the country, and tax doesn’t scale in a 1:1 manner to its land mass.