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  • Some people in this thread really do need to touch-grass

    Violent opposition to genocide is of course justified, but publicly chanting supporting for an event that is, at the very least, widely public perceived as a massacre of civilians, is pretty shitty protest tactics at best. And discrediting fed-work at worst.

    Critical support for Hamas. They should do more violent resistance to the IDF, and sadly civilians will die, but that aspect is an unfortunate necessity, not a thing to be lauded. Hamas themselves say they made mistakes in that attack.

    People should not stand with them on every issue and event; overall obviously fighting a genocide makes them worthy of support.

  • The ICC reply (though I like how they do try to reply genuinely and honestly) boils down to “but the palestinian government is/would be capitalist too, so…”

    This is the very bad form of class reductionism, the idea that oppression/genocide/etc doesn’t matter and isn’t imperialism because it’s not fundamentally along class lines. haram

    Sure thing, ICC, but I don’t think the people of Palestine are in any position to do any revolutions while under the iron thumb of the US and Israel. Nor do I think many people will view communist organisations positively if they sit by, ambivalent about genocide.

  • Some forums have always been famously nasty places. For those of us old enough to remember the internet pre-2010, and lucky enough to stumble on the right corners of the internet, plenty of forums were actually super cool, tiny, self-moderated niche communities with like 20-30 active users tops where you could genuinely share passions and make friends. All but one of my good online friends I have now were made back then.

    No idea how anyone would find many nice interactions now. Hexbear is as close as it gets for me, but it’s still significantly different.

  • To be honest, this is a very common occurrence in all UK schools up to ages ~13. I and at least 10 other students in my year group of ~150 were forced to wet ourselves in the middle of class because our requests to go to the bathroom were denied, not even by particularly ‘toxic’ or ‘mean’ teachers, it’s just a fairly normal attitude. I remember asking to go for like the fifth time, the teacher said “You can wait.”, and in response I showed her my piss-covered hand.

    You’d think cleaning up all the piss would be enough to deter that policy, but apparently not.

    It is child abuse though, and these really shitty attitudes to the needs of children are not spoken out against nearly as much as they should be.