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  • Well said.

    For me, it’s “Being a Foodie”. Everybody who has ever lived on the planet has been enthusiastic for food.

    I’ve only ever met one foodie I respected as such. He ate everything, even stuff that made him gag, because of reasons only he knows. He wanted the experience or something.

    Man could eat a burger and tell you where the wheat was from, how ripe the tomatoes in the ketchup where, the dashed hopes and dreams of the cow, everything. He could look at ingredients from afar or smell things that have no smell to me and tell in how many days it would be perfectly ripe. He ate mono flavored stuff (Like rice with nothing else added or olive oil), used salt like a vampire hunter to detect faint tastes, and I still think he must have some undiagnosed lifestyle thing like Synesthesia, except for taste. He reverse engineered recipes for fun.

    It was magic, and until this dude I didn’t consider food to be an actual hobby. Every other foodie I’ve met just liked eating tasty food, which pretty much everyone does.