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  • A few years ago my ex got a new laptop and it had onedrive enabled system-wide by default. She didn’t realize until after she had been using it for months, I had to spend several hours backing up her files and defenestrating onedrive. It not as simple as just turning it off because it was even on critical system folders, you have to go in the registry and remap the those folders manually one at time before you can disable it.

    It is possible, but it fucking sucks.

  • Fyi, creationists openly believe in “micro evolution” (i think thats whay they call it). Basically they do belive that species can change and adapt over time through the generations, they just dont believe that evolution can create new species given enough time.

    Basically they have a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution that they have purposely created to fit their own presuppositions.

  • Yes I was being sarcastic, and I agree with you 100%. The problem is that they start using these symbols and memes as a kind of dog whistle and then people catch on and anyone using them is immediately sus. We’re not just rolling over and letting them take them, they are taking them by force.