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  • It’s like making the new guy wear the hot pink safety vest when he forgot his normal hi-vis.

    Or making the recruit carry the log “rifle” when they forget something for their service weapon.

    So far the only people to be repeat Helmet of Shamers are people who want to wear the ridiculous helmets.

    Which I’m fine with. My wife often wears the unicorn helmet. Sometimes I wear the purple silicone Mohawk one with her just because.

    It works.

    And if someone couldn’t afford a good fitting helmet, I will happily go with them to buy one so I’m sure it’s a proper fit. Too many people wear helmets loosely or a size too large/fitted large.

    My original excuse for not wearing a helmet was “it’s too expensive for a good one so why bother” but my first crash, I immediately went to get a helmet when I went out the following day. Had to be driven home because I couldn’t even walk for a few hours thanks to the thrashing my legs took. Had that been my head, I’d be dead.

    So yeah, I WILL shame people for not wearing a helmet when they’re perfectly able to. But it’s like… Pretty mild in terms of “shame” in my opinion.

  • A friend of mine once asked me to plan an afternoon bicycle trip for a bunch of teenagers to help out with a youth group he volunteered for.

    After making sure everyone had signed forms stating the rules of the trip from who you’re taking directions from to what equipment needs to be brought, helmets were first on the list. In caps. Hilighted… Someone came without a helmet for him or his son. Straight up told them the only way they’re continuing with our group is to find a properly fitting helmet in the Helmet Of Shame bin I keep for such events.

    They’re all some sort of ridiculous design like painted on unicorns and stuff. Like 90% things most people wouldn’t want to wear, since I usually buy my Shame Helmets from clearance racks.

    They chose to go home.

    Seems a little ridiculous to me but their loss. Everyone else had a blast.

  • My favorite part is all the inside jokes they pack in as well. You don’t really get all of them as a viewer, but I’ve watched every episode with commentary, and a lot of interviews with a lot of the directors, producers, prop/costume/sfx people.

    Nothing beats the “special effects coordinator” guy screaming BIGGER at everyone after they show him progressively larger explosive effects.

  • I love that every Sci fi show eventually does the “out of phase” episode, and I love seeing the fun twists and flavorings they use to make it “their” version.

    Like Stargate sg1 and their crystal skull radiation and advanced dimension-shifting technology episodes.

    And my personal favorite lampshading for this is actually from Stargate. in the in-universe parody show “Wormhole X-treme” one of the main character parodies asks “if I’m out of phase, why don’t I fall through the floor?” and the response from the writer/director/producer/whatever he was, was something along the lines of “I’ll have to get back to you on that”

  • I’m sorry for all the dolly fans out there, but I have a confession… I don’t care for her music.

    But I will defend this woman simply because her charity work alone makes her deserving of much more.

    And I know I don’t even know half of what she does.

    So if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go sharpen up my torches and light my pitchforks, because ain’t nobody dissing dolly Parton around me.

  • Holy shit that’s such a small thing I didn’t even notice until just now.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, my brother in law flipped his shit when his kids wouldn’t stop sending the word “color” on their family group chat because rainbows fly around the screen. Went on a big tirade about how nobody should be “celebrating the 7 sins”

    If I had been present, I’d love to have asked him to clarify which of the sins he means, because I have a good idea but I want him to say it out loud so I can argue about it.