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  • WiFi 6(E) is a big step forward from 5. That said, 7 is already out. I might skip 6 and go to 7 once it is affordable.

    Theoretically you will get 833Mbps on WiFi 5, but that is only in optimal situations which on WiFi is never.

    If you were to get a WiFi 6(E) router but your phones and laptops don’t support it, you will use Wi-Fi 5 so there’s no point. Tv’s, soundbars etc by and large still use Wi-Fi 5. So checking for compatibility is paramount. I am willing to bet none of your stuff has WiFi 7. But if you get a WiFi 7 router in the near future, you don’t need to get a new router if you get a new phone or laptop in the next 2 years.

  • Fairly certain this is supposed to be a Borderlands 1 movie so Jack will be in the sequel. Mordecai should’ve been in here, so should Brick. But there are loads of missing characters.

    Regarding Claptrap: the voice actor from the first three games (counting Pre-Sequel) quit and was replaced in 3 and Wonderlands. But yeah the new guy could’ve been in instead of Jack Black.

    Bottom line is this movie is not for the enjoyment of the Borderlands players, it’s more likely it’s made to get people to buy Borderlands 4 (and maybe try the older ones while they’re at it).