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  • Hmm interesting. I have terrible eyesight so I don’t always see my cats when they’re somewhere I don’t expect them to be. But they’re not afraid of me. They’re still very affectionate with me and they do seem to trust me a lot. One of my three cats has figured out that if she makes any kind of noise I’ll notice her but the other ones don’t, but still don’t seem to get too mad at me when I do accidentally run into them. I do love them very much though and I’ll spend as much time with them as I can or they let me. So maybe they have internalized that I don’t do it on purpose. Might also just be how I react to when it does happen though. I genuinely feel bad every single time. That same cat also figured out that if she stands on her hind legs and knocks on the glass door I will always hear it. Scared the crap out of me when she did it for the first time but if only I could get my other cats to do the same…