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  • As an old and retired medic, I’ve done my share of “accidents”. There wasn’t a single time that I stepped out of my amp-a-lamps and surveyed a scene that I couldn’t see the point where someone(s) got stupid. And then things went sidways after that. There is lots of stupid in this world.

    There are no accidents. Just people doing stupid things.

  • You don’t layout your fabric on long table. You feed it from a 5000lbs roll with an automatic indexer and then die cut it. One operator can do the job start to finish. (Been there done that as a toolmaker who made some pattern die rule dies for Levi’s and then bought and rebuilt an 80 ton hydraulic press from them that had whacked out blue jeans every day for 20 years and rebuilt it to cut sandpaper discs for the next 15 years)

    The CNC cutter is valuable for a company that does custom cutting work for outside customers rather than for in-house work. Fast to make changes with minimal setups. But prepping the material to feed the machine is more labor intensive.

  • I once bought a used 80 ton hydraulic press from Levi’s. It was used to cut blue jeans, cotton fabric dust everywhere in it. It used maple plywood and die rule cutting dies that could produce 1000’s of jeans pieces a day, (polyester/cotton fabrics are a bitch to cut). The dies could be swapped in a few minutes and rebuilt in about an hour with simple tools. The cost of the dies were about $1000 US and could last up to a year.

    Those hand operated cutters are fine for simple items made in small lots, but you want to make millions? They are useless.

    *I rebuilt it to cut sandpaper discs and sheets using similar die rule dies that could cut 3000 to 4000 pieces per rebuild.

  • The problem with buying a Linux box is the cost. Discounting Chromebooks, (which have their own nasty issues with privacy), there are really no inexpensive ready to buy at Walmart priced, pre-installed Linux distro computers.

    If you are willing to drop $1000+ for a pretty much mid grade computer, then you have a few choices. Otherwise, Linux distros are DIY. Which takes an effort most are unwilling to do - no matter how easy and how few clicks it takes to install.

    Personally, I think all those cheap mini-PCs on Amazron should come pre-loaded with a distro. That would be the a great way for people to become familiar with Linux as a whole.

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    As a retired cold and mean hearted Toolmaker and ME, there is a need for Art Majors in this world. Just not as many of them as we produce perhaps. Kind of like Astrophysicists, we do need them, but truthfully there are only a handful of jobs available for those degrees. So the majority often need to figure out what they can do besides their degree training.

    If you want to be an Art Major, you will most likely need to figure on finding a job that can tangentially make use of your artistic training. Because you probably won’t become a famous painter or professor teaching art in a collage or work in an art museum.

    But you can become an art teacher in a high school or perhaps work in web design or some kind of advertising. Not what the average art major might wish to be, but rather careers that can use those skills.