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favorite bands · Lemon Demon; Tally Hall.

favorite artists · cavetown; Neil Cicierega; Bo Burnham; Jack Stauber; Will Wood; Toby Fox.

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  • Here’s my distrohopping journey (including non-Linux OS)

    • Windows 7 →

    • Windows 10 →

    Mid 2021, I tried Fedora Linux in a VM and was unable to install it, but I liked it regardless.

    So, a while later I decided to try this “Linux” thing on my computer.

    • Linux Mint (late 2021) →

    • Arco Linux (arch felt too intimidating) →

    • Debian (stability = good?) →

    • Debian Sid (stability = boring) →

    • Artix Linux OpenRC (omg i hate systemd so much!1!!) →

    • Void Linux →

    • Artix Linux runit (it didn’t work) →

    • Arch Linux (how do i use systemctl wtf) →

    • Void Linux again (ah, ln -s /etc/sv/something /run/service/)→

    • NixOS unstable (since January 2024)

    Honestly, I’m just glad I found something I liked, as NixOS is perfect for tinkering.

    During all that distrohopping, I “DE-hopped” even more. Currently I run SwayFX, but I’ve used Cinnamon, XFCE, Plasma, GNOME, AwesomeWM, i3, bspwm, dwm, swaywm and Hyprland.

    edit 1: add Artix Linux runit

    edit 2: remove NixOS stable from the list