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  • Yeah it’s the old garbage in, garbage out problem, the AI algorithms don’t really understand what they are outputting.

    I think at this point voice recognition and text generation AI would be more useful as something like a phone assistant. You could tell it complex things like “Mute my phone for the next 2 hours” or “Notify me if I receive an email from John Smith.” Those sort of things could be easily done by AI algorithms that A) Understand your voice and B) Are programmed to know all the features of the OS. Hopefully with a known dataset like a phone OS there shouldn’t be hallucination problems, the AI could just act as an OS concierge.

  • I’ve played X4 a lot but it’s been a while. Travel mode should be Shift-F1, wait for it to spin up and after 5-10 seconds you should be going thousands of meters per second.

    How fast a ship accelerates should depend on the ship, you can view the specs for whatever ship you’re flying. Same with top speed and travel speed. At wharfs and repair depots you can swap out different engines and such for different stats.

    Salvagable items should be shown by little squares with a / through them on the map. IIRC you go near them and hold O to pull them in. You can also command AI ships to do the same. Keep in mind you may pull in contraband so be careful.

    Each person (player and AI) has a personal inventory that holds small items and then each ship has a cargo hold as well. The difference can be confusing sometimes. If you have asked an AI ship to collect drops you will need to interact with the pilot and tell them to give you their inventory. Those items can be sold at the shops on various stations.

    Boost and shield both share the same energy pool. This is a big gotcha, if you boost then you lose shields.

    There is a lot to learn in X4 but there is no other game like it. At first you will have to do missions and buy/sell/mine to make money. In the long run what you should be aiming for is building a moneymaking empire of AI-piloted miners, traders, and/or stations.

    Watch Captain Collins on YouTube, he has put out lots of good videos on how things are done.

    The official forums and Reddit X4Foundations subreddit are good too.