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  • This kind of discovery is really cool to hear about.

    But the impatient part of my brain really hates to read stuff like “hoping to start human trials within five years”. Gotta be careful and do it right and all that. But my monkey brain wants that Star Trek medicine now where I go in with literally anything and almost all of it is curable and a lot of it with only some sort of non-evasive tool while I am young enough to benefit from it.

  • flop_leash_973@lemmy.worldtoSelfhosted@lemmy.worldWhy You Should Self-Host Everything
    23 days ago

    All of these types are articles always leave out the calculations of what your time is worth to you and the maintenance costs of spare hard drives and other equipment. The TCO is not just the initial investment in hardware/software alone. Unless you plan to host something unreliably and value your time at nothing. In which case I hope you don’t get friends or family hooked on your stuff or everyone will have a bad time and be back to Google Drive/Docs and Netflix within 5 years.

    The reason they leave it out I feel is because once you factor all of that stuff in the $10/month your paying for Google Drive storage or the ~$25 your paying Netflix starts to make a lot more sense when pared with a decent local backup from a Synology NAS for the “I can’t lose this” stuff like baby pictures of your kids. Which blows their entire premise out of the water.