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  • I think ts great! Sound quality is as good or better. Ive always discovered new music more from yt than Spotify personally so it has about 10+ years of my listening habits to go on and it dies a good job finding new stuff I like

    While downloading is technically locked for free {even revanced) users ther are appa like newpipe or ytdlp that you can use to rip the audio in various formats. .

    For organizing large collections and playlists I think both Spotify and YouTube are not really good but yt music on the desktop/webui is great where Spotify has a better interface for their mobile app. This might be more of a me problem though because I prefer organizing my collection offline using something like ex falso and musicbrains picard.

    In terms of music library size they are pretty much equal, I used soundiiz ($5 service) to export and sync my library from spotify to yt and it got most everything, playlists included.

    I think overall it might take some adjusting to if you’re very used to Spotify and its UI but its a very suitable replacement.

  • However, I don’t get why you would ever use Lidarr. Why would you ever download music using torrents? You can use tools like spotdl and yt-dlp to download songs from YouTube music and Spotify, it’s faster and more reliable; I have had some issues finding torrents of music from less-known artists.

    I make use of deezeloader, deemix and/or streamrip, which is what I use because unlock Spotify deezet, qobuz and tidal (supported by streamrjp) have true lossless flac audio available.

    Lidar can be extended to work with them instead of torrents.