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  • The real answer is no one. They will quickly realize that at the root of the economy are the regular people, and since the economy is a cycle, when you cut off a part, the cycle doesn’t work anymore.

    People (doomers) here are saying businesses and rich people will, but this can only, work for a limited time, because either the products will shoot up in price since only the rich can afford them, or the businesses won’t be able to sell their products, so they can’t buy new things, which means no more revenue to the shareholders.

    Think of all the companies that live from b2b models, when you look closer, they are all at some the suppliers of b2c businesses, except, maybe military companies. That company that makes the lithography machines (asml) only sells to other businesses such as tsmc. Tsmc also only sells to other businesses, but they sell to businesses that sell to consumers.

  • Ive never really understood the appeal of desktop modes like this or Dex, like, whenever i am somewhere with a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor with some cables, the likelyhood of there already being a fully working computer are very high, and the chances that the computer works better at what I want to achieve are much higher than my dinky phone with phone apps on it

  • When I am asked for tip when purchasing bread at a bakery, I put no tip. Why would I tip for a service interaction that lasted 28 seconds? “Id like some bread please. here you go, its x$. beep thank you have a great day”

    I ordered take out pizza once, the prompt said 18, 20 or 30%. If they had kept reasonable options maybe I would have CONSIDERED tipping. But the fact that the suggested tip amount was 18% just made me say nope you get nothing. And the service was pretty bad as well soo… At this point I don’t care if I get bad looks from the employee

    i think its the kind of scenario where if they simply kept the regular options of say 10, 15, 18% more people would be inclined to tip because the action of asking for a tip wouldn’t seem so greedy. Its like they forget that a tip is OPTIONAL and normally it should be given only if the service was exceptional, as a “thank you for going above and beyond to make us happy”

    and dont get me wrong, Ive worked at a restaurant and I got part of the tip money, it was really cool because it paid much more than any other minimum wage job I could have found while in high school. But you also have to understand that the waiters at the place I worked at made up to 45$-50$ an hour during the summer (thats about 35$ an hour of tips, + the base tip minimum wage of about 10$). In my opinion tipping should only be given when the service is exceptional and especially when the workers are on tip minimum wage, and not the regular one

    EDIT: HAHAHA I just read the last paragraph of the article:

    Karen Kho, owner and operator of Empire Provisions and Lil’ Empire Burger in Calgary, says on the whole, customers have been more conservative with their money as of late. That’s been reflected both in the tip amounts left, and in their general purchasing habits.

    But if consumers are really feeling stretched by the rising cost of everything, Kho said moving away from tipping might not be the best solution. She said if her staff weren’t helped out by tips and she had to pay higher wages instead, she’d need to raise prices by about 15 to 20 per cent — a standard tip amount — anyway.

    So basically she’s saying that her minimum wage workers (I highly doubt a burger place has waiters on the tip minimum wage) will have to increase the COSTS by 20% as if 100% of the money generated by sales was going into the salaries of the workers… Why did this even make it into the article?? Yeah for sure your employee going from 15$ to 20$ (100% estimation on the numbers btw) per hour totally justifies raising the prices by that much