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    I have one computer in my house that has been running the same installation of Arch for eight years. I occasionally upgrade hardware components as needed, and will eventually take a full disk image and transfer it to an entirely new system once I’ve reached the limit of how much I can ship-of-Theseus it.

    Never had a single problem with it in all that time.

  • If it’s personal behavior, there is no line.

    Seriously, we need to internalize this: If you support Donald Trump in 2024 at this point, there is no goddamn line. There is nothing too atrocious or puerile or insulting to his own base that he could do or say to lose them at this point. He owns them.

    I used to joke that he could literally eat a baby live on stage at one of his rallies and not lose supporters, because he’d insist it was fake news even as the blood dripped down his chin.

    It’s not a joke anymore. He really could do it, and far too many of his supporters would believe him over their own lying eyes.

    Trump support, at this point, is a mental health crisis in this country.

  • Bold move, citing an article that relies solely on a WikiLeaks email. One dating to April 23rd, 2015, long before it was clear that Trump would be the nominee. Or that he would be assisted by Russia. As I said. In my previous comment. Which you’re responding to.

    But y’know, it lets you keep hating Clinton. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Edit: Oh, and I just spotted that it’s by Ben Norton, Russia’s favorite supposedly-left-wing-but-weirdly-pro-Trump-and-pro-Putin “journalist!” You know, the guy who was with this garbage hole until 2022!