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  • Thank you. Your politics may be messed up over there, but you guys still live in a free, and democratic, country. The reason you all feel you have to vote Biden while hating him is there are genuinely a lot of people, your fellow countrymen, who support Trump, the GOP, and/or their policies. That and layers of corruption and manipulation, up and down the political and economic ladder.

    So to fix the first, without abandoning democracy, show the other half of your country why your vision and values are worth embracing. Act. Speak. And do it in a way that draws the country together to agree: otherwise you’re aiming for a class rule, where your side rules over the other - then you’d be better to split to two countries.

    For the second, start by being uncorrupt and unmanipulative yourself, then take that to your workplace, your political activism, your journalism. Fight for truth even when the lies and the lier offer you an easier win.

    You can’t fix it all yourself, any more than your one vote will win the election. But your one vote matters, and your one life, lived well, matters much more.

    So vote in your presidential election. Vote in your other elections. But also get out there and be the change you want to see. And take care you don’t fall to the temptation of lies and greed, yourself.

  • But in the end, yes, it is a MITM. If you need your data to be E2E encrypted, don’t use it.

    Or do use E2E encryption. You can still have a layer of encryption within the SSL tunnel that cloudflare controls. Like you’d do for an E2EE filestore: the webserver (and cloudflare) see the website woosh by, and all that you do on it, but the files themselves are encrypted opaquely to both, and decrypted only by a browser at the other end.