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  • You might care if someone close to you, who was a closeted gay, is ripped out of their home one night and never heard from again? Maybe a family member, with a black spouse, is lynched for daring to marry a white woman? Or, even closer to home, perhaps a tweet or post you made from 2010 suddenly becomes against a decency law and you’re questioned, tortured, and jailed for it?

    At what point, exactly, would it behoove you to care? When it’s your neck on the line only?

  • Pretty much why I’m glad I switched to Proton. They came out with Proton Pass, which includes aliasing, and I haven’t looked back. So far, I haven’t had any leak. However, I have come up against one, some shop service used by some companies, such as Vessi and CrunchLab. It uses the email address you put in with the first company you bought from. Kind of annoying but not deal breaking.