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  • I can share with you a method to buy for Turkey.

    1. Make an account on the „FUPS” app. You will need a Turkish SIM to verify - is a very cheap option
    2. Buy a FUPS card from some online reseller. I’ve used this
    3. Scan the card’s QR code in the FUPS app. You now can use the card to spend money from your FUPS account
    4. Use Revolut to convert money to Turkish liras, and use the „Card recipient” transfer option to add money to that account with basically 0 fees.

    Now to buy a family subscription, I personally used an android virtual machine, on which, while connected to a Turkish VPN, I made a new account on a random Turkish address. Then just bought the sub in the YouTube app.

    Afterwards, you can invite others to your family. But, they won’t be able to just join, they need to go to -> Settings -> Close payments profile

    Then they need to add a CC to their account (doesn’t have to be Turkish), but make sure that they put a random Turkish billing address to that card. Wait ~10 minutes, and they can join the family, and after they’re in, they can re-do the google pay stuff to get it back to normal. Won’t kick them out.