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  • Random list of things new players are sometimes confused about:

    • Restoring the community center and buying the Joja membership is mutually exclusive. If you want to experience both, you need two save files. You can start with the community center bundles and later decide to go with Joja, but not the other way around.
    • After you unlock the community center, there will be a little tree icon added to the inventory view. You can click (or tap? whatever controller users call that) it for looking at the bundles without having to walk to the community center building in town. The icon pulsates when you hover over an item in your inventory or a chest that is needed for the bundles.
    • Speaking of chests, craft chests to store things. You can store extra crops, fish etc. in case you need them later, and you don’t have to carry all your tools around all day. You can put chests anywhere on the map, but be vary of villagers’ walking paths and the resetting mine floors (top floor of the mine is fine, though).
    • You can buy backpack upgrades from Pierre. After you do, you get an additional row of inventory space. You can switch your toolbar to the next row with (*looks up control scheme*) L1/R1 on a PS4 controller or the tab key on a keyboard.
    • Crops die at the end of the season. If you plant something on Spring 20th that takes 8 days to grow, fine, you get your last harvest on Spring 28th. If you plant the same crop later, you will only find a dead crop on Summer 1st. There are multi-season crops that last for the two or three seasons that they can be planted in, but even those die in winter.
    • Farm animals usually feed on the grass on your farm. But they don’t go outside in winter or on rainy days. So you need to feed them. Robin can build a silo that stores the grass that you cut with a scythe as hay for your animals. Then, you have to manually get the hay out of the dispenser in the coop/barn and place it in the feeder (except after you upgraded your coop/barn twice, then it’s automated). Alternatively, you can buy hay at Marnie’s.

  • Always, not just this weekend: Nintendogs + Cats on 3DS. I’m not in a rush to get through everything the game has, and I’m not “good at the game” insofar this is even a criterion for this type of game. I posted a screenshot in a comment to the weekly thread a few weeks ago. Since then, I discovered that you can only have 3000 screenshots on the 3DS’s memory card (I made a post about that on ! 3000 might sound like a high number, but it is really not if you have a lot of near-misses in pressing the capture button. So now I have the interesting secondary task of sorting through all the screenshots that I moved to my desktop. Not really a game, though.

    In addition to that, I started a new playthrough of Pokémon Crystal. I’m doing a not-so-hardcore Nuzlocke challenge to make it more interesting for myself. But this is really not about difficulty, this is what I can play in short bursts without having to use my brain all that much (I have other games in my backlog for that, and also other non-game things to do). While I still have my childhood Gameboy Color and game cartridges that I keep for sentimental reasons, I opt to play on an emulator on my Android for convenience.

  • Ich benutze aggressiv immer und überall den Default. In der Praxis heißt das:

    Heller Hintergrund für

    • die meisten Webseiten
    • Textverarbeitung & Tabellenkalkulation
    • Editor & Entwicklungsumgebung
    • die Messenger-App Signal

    Dunkler Hintergrund für

    • Discord (Web und App)
    • manche Mastodon-Instanzen (wenn ich nicht in meiner eigenen eingeloggt bin)
    • die Linux-Kommandozeile

    Smartphone ist zeitunabhängig auf Blaufilter eingestellt, aber ich bin fast immer auf dem Desktop unterwegs.

  • Silly predictions for upcoming third-party games:

    • Capcom reveals the Ace Attorney spin-off Space Attorney. Like the original, but in space!
    • After the remakes of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town as Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life as Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, Marvelous surprises everyone by skipping over the Wii games directly to the 3DS game Story of Seasons (2014), soon to be remade as Story of Seasons: Story of Seasons.

    (Both Ace Attorney and Story of Seasons have completely different names in the original. So a concept that is based on the English name sounding funny is highly unlikely. But hey, who cares, I’ve got my speculation fun.)

  • Playing video games? I’m over here playing with my pets.

    Image description: screenshot from the 3DS game Nintendogs + Cats. The image features a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, a grey tabby kitten, and a calico kitten. The dog is standing on its hind legs, front paws at the camera, wearing a blue collar with a white pattern. The two cats are a little further back, gracefully walking on the wooden floor. There are some furniture items in the background, with sunlight streaming in from a window.

  • Upcoming games in the genre:

    • Project René / The Sims 5
    • Paralives
    • Life by You (developed by Paradox Tectonic and published by Paradox Interactive, known as the publishers of Cities Skylines and Crusader Kings)
    • InZOI (developed by Krafton, best known for PUBG)
    • Tiny Lives (another indie, looks more like a pixelated version of The Sims 1 than a modern life sim)

    The term “life sim” can apply to something like Animal Crossing, where you play as one character living their life. I sometimes use terms like “life sim/household management game” or “dollhouse sim” to describe the specific type of game, but the first one is clunky and some sims players use “dollhouse” as a negative term. So it’s easier to just say “life sim” and specify if needed.

  • Barmer GEK hier.

    Zu deinen Kriterien: Es gibt ein Online-Portal zur Bedienung am PC, ziemlich sicher auch eine App, die nutze ich aber nicht. “Online ausfüllen, Antwort per Brief” kann vorkommen, gerade, wenn es um ein Schreiben der offizielleren Sorte geht, aber die Bearbeitung ist nicht so lang wie bei dir beschrieben. Die Versorgung selbst funktioniert für mich, und ich verbringe gefühlt mein halbes Leben in Wartezimmern und Krankenhäusern - aber nur mit meinen spezifischen Problemen, im Internet gibt es Geschichten von Streitfällen zwischen der Barmer und deren Versicherten. Es gibt ein Mitgliedermagazin, es gibt Gesundheitsprogramme, damit habe ich mich nicht weiter auseinander gesetzt. Ob Homöopathie o.Ä. übernommen wird, weiß ich nicht aus dem Kopf, lässt sich googeln.

    Bonus-Information: Wann immer ich mit den Mitarbeiter*innen direkt geredet habe, waren alle nett und hilfreich. Sowohl am Telefon als auch vor Ort. Vor Corona gab es gelegentlich Kekse in den Geschäftsstellen (als Teller auf dem Tisch, nicht als Geschenk für mich persönlich).

  • Für “Einmal kaufen und dann ist gut” eignen sich am besten Spiele, die nicht original für den mobilen Markt gemacht worden sind, sondern Ports/Remakes von anderen Plattformen.

    Das Spiel aus der Kategorie, das mich interessiert, ist Ace Attorney. Interessantes Spielprinzip, übertrieben gezeichnete Anime-Charaktere, was will man mehr? Die ersten drei Spiele gibt es als Trilogie für 30€, im Sale günstiger, es braucht aber ein Gerät mit etwas Power (Google Play, Liste kompatibler Geräte auf der Website). Für die folgenden drei Spiele ist eine weitere Trilogie angekündigt, die muss man sich also nicht einzeln kaufen. Disclaimer, ich habe die Android-Version nicht gespielt, ich hab’s auf dem 3DS gekauft (was jetzt nicht mehr geht, weil Nintendo den Shop geschlossen hat).

    Sonst vielleicht mal durch den Store gucken, was es an Ports von existierenden Spielen gibt?

  • is there maybe a way of thinking about dating preferences without actually dating?

    That’s an interesting thought. I feel like this question is at the heart of a lot of posts on forums like this, both by self-exploring bisexuals and by their supportive partners. There is not a one-size-fits-all answer. But we can brainstorm some options. Like:

    • Explore your tastes through fiction and media. Are you into books, TV shows, movies, video games, podcasts, webcomics, internet memes, fan fiction? Lots of content out there, and lots of recommendation lists in blog posts and forum threads. Obviously, dating in real life doesn’t work like in a romantic comedy or a game feature (sadly, you are not guaranteed a date just because you gifted someone your excess vegetables and the cookies you found while dumpster diving), but it still might give you a better idea of what you are looking for in a partner and in a relationship overall. Moreover, it gives you something low stakes to talk about, both to potential partners and to people you are coming out to (more on that below).
    • Special shout-out to interactive media like video games. Wanna be a small town farmer who turns the heads of both the socially anxious goth-programmer and the romantic writer with the beach home, then end up with the jock? You can do that. Wanna go on a big adventurous journey, in northern-inspired dragon-land or radioactive wasteland or even in space, while you romance your increasingly realistic-looking companions through dialogue trees? You can do that. Wanna build a nice family home with color-coded furniture where your character and his husband can build a nice life for them and their growing family, at least until someone is trapped in a pool or eaten by a cowplant? You can do that. Whatever you wish, wish fulfillment is right around the corner (at least as long as you have a powerful enough computer or other gaming system, or find a way around that, like streaming). For more examples, the TV Tropes wiki has a page on games (and other media) with same-sex romance options.
    • Media created by other people is one thing, but how about you creating something yourself? It doesn’t have to be “good” in the sense that it would get a good grade by a teacher, or make money, or be considered high art. Write that short story where nothing really happens. Draw that stick-figure comic. Put that meme together. Daydream. Take the most silly, blatant self-insert premise and run with it. What if Mercutio from “Romeo and Juliet” didn’t get killed in the feud between Montagues and Capulets because he left Verona as soon as he realized that wasn’t a good environment for him? Well, maybe he would have landed in a new place, unsure where to go and how to progress in life, but maybe then he would have met this wizard/knight/superhero character (the one played by the good-looking actor in the live-action adaptation, of course) and they started a relationship where they epically fought crime and also went on romantic candlelight dinners together? And as Mercutio is a character from a theater play who has been portrayed by many different actors over the centuries, it is totally correct when his boyfriend compliments him for looking like you.
    • Find ways to talk about your identity to real people, online or offline, that feel natural to you. Disclaimer, you know your surroundings best, so don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. Find ways to acknowledge this as a part of yourself in your normal life, where it doesn’t have to be a big life-altering coming-out talk or a romantic interaction. “Can you recommend a book with a queer male lead character, preferably something lighthearted, that one could gift to a friend or family member? So nothing overly depressing or creepy. Could also be a graphic novel.” - “Hello fellow anonymous forum users, I’m thinking about subscribing to this game streaming service, does it have games with same-sex romance options that I might have overlooked? I know I am interested in games x, y, and z, are these a good fit for streaming to my mobile device? Can’t afford more powerful hardware right now. Thanks for your help!” - “Oh, hi, supportive-but-clueless family member back home, yes, I am settling in here, no, I haven’t met anyone yet, and actually, I don’t want to talk about my anxieties about going or not going to a gay bar right now, anyway, I’ve explored the local library and bookstore and the people there were nice, and now I’m reading this cute coming-of-age story.” - “Product review: the key chain and stickers look very well made and the pride flag colors come out just as great as in the product photos (I have the bi flag and the men loving men flag, specifically). Great purchase, totally recommended!” - “Inquiry: I’d like to commission a digital painting of that wizard-knight-superhero on a romantic date with my OC who looks like [description], can you do that? I obviously pay the going rate, I love the art on your profile!” - “Meme I made, to meme community of choice, press post!” Once you get comfortable with these types of interactions, it might get easier to talk to people you actually want to flirt with.

    That’s just my ideas, though.

    Edits for fixing typos.

  • Image description:

    Stick figure drawing taken from the xkcd webcomic. The main character sits at a desktop PC setup, visibly hacking at the keyboard. Someone out of frame talks to the main character. The dialogue is:

    Out of frame: “Are you coming to bed?” Main character: “I can’t. It’s important.” Out of frame: “What?” Main character: “I’m downloading more Sims CC”

    The last line of dialogue is in a different font, as it is replaced for the meme. In the bottom left corner, there is a watermark that says “”.