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  • Fairerweise bedienen Schlagersendungen, Ferbsehgarten und das ganze Zeug das für Menschen u60 absolut unverständlich ist eine Zielgruppe die sonst nicht bedient wird weil anscheinend für Privatsender nicht attraktiv. Für die muss halt auch was produziert werden im ÖRR (aber wahrscheinlich nicht zwingend so viel/teuer)

  • Dies Anhänger dieser Partei wollen nicht das hier irgendetwas “besser läuft”. Sondern entweder bestenfalls den eigenen schnellen Aufstieg über einfache populistische Botschaften die gut ankommen (Klimawandel nicht real, Ausländer raus dann fließen Milch und Honig) oder gar den Untergang des ganzen Apparates damit sowas wie Justiz oder Hürden der Legislative nicht mehr der Bestrafung der “Feinde” im Wege stehen und ein Autoritäres Regime aufgebaut werden kann. Dieses anhaltende Märchen von der Entzauberung durch Debatte oder Realpolitik ist so unglaublich naiv und Geschichtsvergessen.

  • My comment was more on the original post. You can’t just switch the content of a point because another one is made in a similar way and say it’s basically the same. Guess i got cautious with all the “Climate change activists are like a religious cult” arguments. Just because two groups are advocating strongly for something doesn’t mean one of cant have good arguments and the other one isnt full of shit. That being said, I agree that not willing to compromise to a certain degree or aim for intermediate goals is stupid and not productive.

  • Millennial here. You are completely right. You were born in a world and a system where you are constantly told everything is all right if you just work and consume and yet everything is falling apart and we are destroying our world and ourselves doing so while the “rewards” seem to be further away and feel more shallow than ever. It does not make sense and it’s perfectly understandable to get apathetic over it. I only wish you would get more angry about it and less indifferent, but at the same I see that there is already way too much anger in the world and people are already constantly screaming at each other. Also, we didn’t do enough either and failed to bring much substantial change. Gen Z ist right in the way they feel. You are not lazy or unambiguous or “lacking drive” or whatever. And it’s also not the internet or smartphones or games or anime or whatever. It’s a society headed to its doom by living a lie that’s rotten to the core and the carrot you are supposed to chase starts to smell foul.

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    I guess the only hope here is: Time is on your side. As with everything regarding kids it will be different over time, it will change. It’s also amazing that you are doing this at all, I don’t think many people would be able to manage this amount of work and stress and responsibility. Is there anyone, family or friends, who might help out from time to time?