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  • As a Dutch resident, I seriously disagree here. We are just coming out of a 15 year long neoliberal period that has caused the following:

    • public transport costs just went up 12% in January, whereas they are going down in surrounding countries
    • the total amount of minutes of disruptions with the largest rail company has gone up by five-fold over the last 10 years, and no sign of abating
    • the high speed rail line was taken out of service completely at the beginning of this month.
    • peripheral areas have increasingly less access to public transport and other services. Everything gets centralized to Amsterdam.
    • the local tram network in The Hague is downsizing in March due to lack of personnel. And the trams are already completely full in rush hour.

    All these things are having the effect of pushing people IN cars, because the alternative is getting more expensive for reduced service. Heck, road congestion is significantly up from pre-pandemic levels and that’s with the neoliberals investing billions upon billions in new asphalt.

    Not Just Bikes is in a bubble, and it’s seriously irritating to have foreigners believe we’re this utopia.

  • This does not entirely surprise me. When Tesla became well-known a significant fraction of taxi services in my country switched to Tesla. Why: a) it was cheaper to buy since subsidies for EVs, b) electricity being cheaper than fuel, and c) Tesla being perceived as luxury.

    Within a couple years most taxi services had gone back to ICE cars. The Teslas had inferior build quality, and repair turnaround time was awful compared to regular ICE cars. This meant a large fraction of the Tesla fleet was idle as they were waiting to be repaired.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hertz encountered the same. It’s not that EVs are bad. It’s that the largest supplier of EVs in the West, Tesla, is bad and slow to repair cars.