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  • Google loves open source likely for another reason than you do.

    Google loves open source when they can capitalize on it.

    That is, when a big community works on code that Google can use for free to build their monopolistic infrastructure. They love a global community which works for them for free. They might even foster this community as far as it serves their purpose or for image reasons.

    However, if they’d truly love open-source, they could open the source code to their core services. But they’d never ever do that. For this reason they also ban the AGPL license internally (https://opensource.google/documentation/reference/using/agpl-policy). The AGPL license would force Google to open their code which relies on AGPL licensed projects. Google hates that.

    Google does clearly not stand for the ethical values people usually have in mind when talking about open source. For example when something is competing with them, they’ll hate it. Like ad-blockers or browsers which don’t block ad-blockers like Google chrome does. The core business of Google is about surveillance and advertising. To maximize the profitability of this, then need to violate freedoms of their users (like the freedom to use their service while blocking ads). This is in direct conflict with the ethical values often implied by free and open-source software.

    So if somebody tells you “Google loves open-source and contributes a lot”, think about what it really means.

  • teritoOpen Source@lemmy.mlGitLab vs Codeberg
    8 months ago

    gitlab.com is a for profit service/company. They have an open-source community edition of Gitlab which you can run on your own server. Codeberg is a non-profit association running the open-source software “forgejo” for you. At Codeberg you can become a member and then you can vote for important decisions and make proposals. People also care about ethics there. Nobody cares about profit. Codeberg runs on donations from members. I think some people feel more respected at Codeberg because the governing body of Codeberg is a subset of its users. If Gitlab cares about you, then probably because a bad user experience would be bad for business.

  • “Reduzieren” ist hier irreführend. Mit solcher Technologie lässt sich gar nichts reduzieren solange um viele Grössenordnungen schneller Kohlendioxid ausgestossen wird. Ist etwa so wie mit einem goldenen Teelöffel den Wasserpegel in der Badewanne senken zu wollen während der Wasserhahn voll aufgedreht ist. Der Wasserstand wird immer noch steigen. Von Reduktion kann keine Rede sein.

  • It is completely creepy. Think about who is behind Open AI. That’s a mixture of Elon Musk, Peter Thiel (Palantir), Microsoft and others. A right-wing, anti democratic, anti-human and purely profit oriented group. The name “Tools for Humanity” is complete sarcasm. What they do with Worldcoin smells like a modern attempt of colonization. Collecting biometry, subverting critical infrastructure (financial systems), making fake promises, blinding poor people with shiny metal balls and a little bit of money in some cases.

    This can be stopped though! The Kenyan government apparently banned the project - for good.