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  • A non-consumer focused OS. One focused on serving commercial industry.

    Linux was actually developed as a (kernel for a) desktop OS. It doesn’t focus on the server or the desktop, distros do that.

    What distros did you try and when? In 2023, you can totally set up Ubuntu or Linux Mint without using the terminal. Obviously for “power-user” settings you might need to use the terminal or edit config files, but just as regular users cannot do those things, they also don’t need that functionality.

  • Because it is. What is an “industrial OS” anyway? Also it’s important to remember that “Linux” is just a kernel (the software that acts as a “bridge” between the rest of the OS and the hardware). Android is Linux, Ubuntu is Linux, Arch is Linux, Debian is Linux, Slackware is Linux, etc. And yet those are vastly different OSes. You would maybe run Ubuntu, Debian or RHEL on a server (which maybe you could consider industrial). But you would never use Arch or Android on a server. Android is the most popular mobile OS, would you consider that industrial? And for the desktop, the average user would use something like Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Fedora. But you’d never use the graphical version of those on the server and I don’t think they would be considered industrial OSes.

    So anyway, what’s your point exactly?

  • How is it not? You never have to go in a terminal 99% of the time (and on Windows there are those cases as well). The only reasons I use the terminal is either to edit my Nix Flake and rebuild switch, which is only because I use NixOS and would not be required on Mint, to use Distrobox, which wouldn’t be needed on Mint as 90% of Linux app are either Deb Packages, Flatpaks or Appimages or simply because I find it easier to do some power-user stuff in there. But for the average user on Mint, they wouldn’t even need to touch the terminal.

  • I’d argue that villager trading is not essential to the progression of the game. You’re not “supposed to” be able to have all the enchantments in the game at your disposal that easily. And I wouldn’t consider looking for biomes (especially by following the maps Mojang have since added) grinding.

    As for “creative survival” players, I don’t think you should be able to achieve that stage so easily. I always that the end of survival progression is when you have easy access to any resource in the game, allowing for that “creative survival” type of gameplay.