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  • Yeah they are all double $$ and I recreated the container several times. The only thing that was changed in the compose file was the hash string - user:password.

    I read from another older post that sometimes you need to clear all cookies in the browser. Did that also. Didn’t work.

    I did however do the DNS challange again as I fucked up the older working config. The cert is different now but points to the same domain and subdomain. Can it be that the browser or traefik are still “remembering” the old cert, with other credentials?

    Just grasping at straws here. I’m at a loss.

    I can’t find anything online, traefik website or on YouTube about changing passwords. Only create one on a new install.

    Should be a walk in the park to change a password. Wtf.

    Edit: found the solution here: community.traefik.io/t/dashboard-with-basic-auth-but-cant-login-in-anyway/13235

    I was using a wrong hash command in the terminal.