The Up Side Down

I want to see the most impressive images of an upside down reality. From objects, to landscapes, or anything in between, what kinds of inceptions can you create.

extra credit

I’ve been trying to create an O’Neill Cylinder space habitat interior for a week now. Major kudos if you can can defy gravity with one of these. If you don’t know what an O’Neill cylinder is, watch this 3min render: or here is the wiki


  • Follow the community’s rules above all else
  • One comment and image per user
  • Embed image directly in the post (no external link)
  • Workflow/Prompt sharing encouraged (we’re all here for fun and learning)
  • Posts that are tied will both get the points
  • The challenge runs for 7 days from now on
  • Down votes will not be counted


At the end of the challenge each post will be scored:

  • Most upvoted: +3 points
  • Second most upvoted: +2 pointS
  • Third most upvoted: +1 point
  • OP’s favorite: +1 point
  • Most unconformable: +1 point
  • Last two entries (to compensate for less time to vote): +1 point
  • Prompt and workflow included: +1 point

The winner gets to pick next theme! Have fun everyone!