an animal that is a hybrid crossing of a badger a mushroom and a snake, in a green field --ar 4:3


This week’s theme is hybrid animals! Anything goes, as long as it’s a mix of an animal and some other organism (humans don’t count :)


  • Follow the community’s rules above all else
  • One comment and image per user
  • Embed image directly in the post (no external link)
  • Workflow/Prompt sharing encouraged (we’re all here for fun and learning)
  • Posts that are tied will both get the points
  • The challenge runs for 7 days from now on
  • Down votes will not be counted


At the end of the challenge each post will be scored:

Prize Points
Most upvoted +3 points
Second most upvoted +2 point
Third most upvoted +1 point
OP’s favorite +1 point
Most original +1 point
Last two entries (to compensate for less time to vote) +1 point
Prompt and workflow included +1 point

The winner gets to pick next theme! As always, have fun everyone!

Previous entries

I’m currently enjoying a day out, so I will judge the entries a day later