For example, if you insist on buying Advil instead of store brand ibuprofen. I mean, you’d be wasting your money in that example, but you do you

  • @ColeSloth
    45 months ago

    Idgaf about pills. Doesn’t mater the size or coating, I can down em without a drink.

      5 months ago

      As a child I was raised in a household of chewable Tylenol tablets. Those were the only pills I really knew, particularly for mild pain relief.

      In gradeschool, I had a day where I developed a splitting headache. I was sent to the ““nurse””, who, by nature of this being a small town American public school, was just the school office secretary armed with a bottle of child dose Advil tablets. I was promptly given a couple tablets to take, and was shooed off to the drinking fountain. Instinctively, I chewed the tablets. Within minutes, they came back to see me, along with my breakfast, and I was quickly sent home. The valuable lesson I took away from that day was, “chewables are for babies, grown-up pills are swallowed whole”.

      Growing older, I became accustomed to increasingly annoying pills, which only further cemented that lesson. The culmination was probably being forced to swallow huge capsule pills while having a throat swollen and raw with strep. I just accepted that “real” pills are swallowed whole, and they suck, and that’s just how it is.

      Much later in life, I was visiting my parents while recovering from a pub crawl. My mom offered me some Tums to combat some heartburn I was having. Somehow I made it far enough into life to drink alcohol but not know what antacids were. I was handed two US silver dollar sized tablets. Flashing back to my previous mistake when taking unknown pills, I swallowed them whole. I was embarassed to learn after the fact that they are, in fact, meant to be chewed.

      The morals of this story:

      1. I apparently have no problem swallowing any pill or tablet.
      2. I am a fucking idiot and always have been.