MOVIE time again. How is this year passing so fast? This is bullshit, i barely wasted this year at all. Anyways…

Voting open for the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th. Taking top voted nominates (depending on piracy success) for two movies each Friday. Maybe a third if it fits the theme or is really good/bad.

Pre-hosted nominations get extra weight becuase its less work. Dubs preferred over subs because Cytube is indignent about playing subtitle files without heavy cajoling. If it’s currently in theaters or on a streaming service its usually an pain in the ass to find a good torrent in time, but ill look for it anyways because fuck copyright.

Shout out to the Cytube crew, our many haters & losers, and to viewers like YOU.

  • Othello [comrade/them, love/loves]
    11 months ago

    Hoot- 2006 a iconic kids movie where a trio of kids stand up to land developers through sabotage, and geting the community involved, to protect local Florida dirt owls owl-wink . yes your very own stars in this movie. I loved this movie as a kid. fun fact these owls almost went extinct in florida but volunteers and environmentalist saved them!