Back again with these threads! For all the new folks, this is a safe space to tell us about anything cool you have going on, anything you want to vent about, and everything in between.

Remember, you are loved stalin-heart

Things have been up and down for me. In a glum mood today. Been hanging out with someone new, and that’s been nice, I’m just not sure if I really want to keep it up. Home life is…fine, I guess. Still living with my ex, they’re gonna give things until the end of the year to see if their career picks up any, and if not, they’ll move home. That said, they’ve been talking about that for years, so I’ll believe it when I see it. They broke down and finally yelled at me for the first time a few nights ago, so I silently carved a pumpkin and then just stayed over with the person I’ve been seeing. As nice as the couch I live on is, it was nice to sleep in a bed for a night or two this past week.

Job front is slow moving, but I had a promising interview last Wednesday. Was supposed to hear back Thurday afternoon or Friday, but even with a followup email I sent, no reply. Fingers crossed I guess.

I deleted a few of my dating apps, still have a small amount installed. A Maoist actually hollered at me this morning and wants to take me to an arcade. Not sure I have the energy though. Other people are asking me for dates, but I’m just…not replying. I should go do that now so I don’t leave them hanging.

On a brighter note, 9 day tour coming up in 2 weeks, so that’s cool! Without giving away too much (y’all know my band anyways and have seen my face), I’ll be going around the midwest. We’ve been doing well on selling merch the past few months, so that money should be sufficient to cover the tour. Also, we’ll have a roadie for the first time!

I’ll end it here I guess. Hope all my comrades are well, and I love you! meow-hug

  • I’m doing a lot better than the last time I participated in a check in thread.

    I’ve learned how to be myself as a single adult woman. I’ve been exploring my sexuality, and have been forwarding my sexual liberation by streaming on CB (which has had the side effect of tripling my income and taking my employer’s boot off my neck).

    Drinking less, smoking less, learning to have fun alone.

    My cat is in need of surgery, which sucks and I can’t afford it, which super sucks, but I’ll make it work, not like I have a choice.

    Overall, I’m good, still having a bit of a rough time, still stressed, but good.