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    Fun killer bee fact: back in the '70s everybody (in the US) was worried about “killer bees” (aka Africanized bees) migrating northwards from Central America and killing tons of people because of their higher levels of aggression as compared to European bees. Turns out that if you take an Africanized queen and raise it in a temperate climate, the bees she produces are no more aggressive than European bees; likewise a European queen raised in a tropical climate will produce bees every bit as aggressive as Africanized bees. So the whole thing was just stupid bee racism all along.

    So the bad news is that anthropomorphic global overheating (don’t give me that weak “climate change” formulation) is going to give us killer bees even without the migration of Africanized stock. The good news is that we’re completely fucked anyway and won’t give a shit about a few bee stings.

  • Kids in The Hall

    My favorite sketch show of all time, believe it or not. I’m squishing your head.

    The Real World

    Even the first Real World was a lot better than later years of MTV. I think one thing that MTV never gets credit for is helping to normalize homosexuality in US culture, which they did by always having a gay cast member in the show.