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  • Uhm, do you need a reminder that Bush was chosen by the Supreme Court, who essentially told them to stop the count?

    Do you need a reminder that three current Supreme Court Justices worked on that legal case to hand the victory to Bush, and somehow very conveniently they all later were confirmed as Justices?

    Like how the fuck are they supposed to have his back when the Supreme Court was taking the side of the Bush team in regards to the hanging chads debacle? What were they supposed to do? Just ignore the ruling, finish the count, and do what Trump is doing now? Lawfare it to hell and back? It was already at the Supreme Court, I’m really failing to understand what the party could have done to “have his back.”

  • Almost every CLI only version of Linux is designed to be a server.

    Servers assume you have no WiFi. There will not be an option to set it up during first-time setup, you will have to do it manually.

    You are doing this on a laptop which generally assumes you will be using WiFi.

    You will have to set up wpa_supplicant during install via command line outside of the automated setup.

    Further, if your WiFi drivers have any non-free proprietary code in them, you will need to manually install drivers for them like you would normally. Once again, best to do during setup, if possible.

    If you have the option of connecting directly with ethernet during setup, you can sort of wiggle past it and set it up after, but I’ve personally found that the servers prefer it if you do it during setup (ie. fewer weird networking issues).

    As others have said, you could also just not install a desktop environment in a normal version of Linux instead of going for a server version, as another way to avoid this issue.

    Source: personal experience using server version of Linux on laptop

  • Device Manager is not straightforward.

    The thing is, a Pixel is a whole-ass computer itself, so it’s going to have numerous drivers in numerous places.

    I have drivers for my Pixel hidden away in places like:


    Sound, video, and game controllers

    System Devices

    The only stuff I normally have in Portable Devices is ejectable USB hard drives and USB thumbsticks.

    The Pixel will only show under Portable Devices if USB file transfer is turned on because then the PC recognizes the Pixel as a removable hard drive/mass storage device.

    Under “USB Preferences” on your Pixel, once you plug into your PC, ensure you have enabled “Use USB for: File Transfer / Android Auto” and it should show up in Portable Devices.

    If you’ve done that and it still doesn’t show up, you might need to check that the driver for the Pixel got properly installed, and also check your USB cable to make sure it isn’t damaged.

  • Hey man I’ve been dealing with the shitty outcomes of the politicians who lead this party being unwilling to listen to the public until well after the public has been proven right for my entire adult life.

    I said Biden was too old in 2020. He’s even too older now. The party didn’t give a fuck and has spent their time hiding it and fucking us out of having primaries.

    Who do you think will choose the new candidate? The same super delegates who gave us Hillary Clinton? It won’t be a people’s vote at the convention, it will be delegates, many of which are party apparatchiks.

    Do you think the people who hid Biden’s issues this late in the game will suddenly make a good choice? I don’t. The party fucked us into this position and I do not think they are capable of unfucking us, sorry. Biden is who we have, alive or dead.