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    Very nicely written! I consider death to be the end of all my problems. It is a pretty appealing thing. But since I can only do that once; I’ll put that off and try the other things available to me first. Playing a game, kissing my partner or what have you. Turns out I wanna procrastinate on the death thing. I’m like that.

    So life is about doing the things you like. That is it. Also it is not hard to co-exist. If everyone around me is happy; I’m happy.

  • This philosophy is all well and good. Efficiency is great! Just make sure not everyone in your surrounding thinks of you as a miserable person to be avoided. Don’t sacrifice a good existence to save pennies. Educate yourself on what is actually effectfull in saving money before demanding it of the people you love. Explain it to them. Never shout at them. Make damn sure your spouse have the same philosophy before implementing it.