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  • Wow. The video of the Greek official, denying everything during the official interview (whilst seeing video of a migrant woman and her child, forced onto a boat by armed men, who were then left in a dinghy to float towards Turkey), then caught with a hot mic during the break, talking to a colleague, saying:

    “I haven’t told them much, right? It’s very clear, isn’t it. It’s not nuclear physics. I don’t know why they did it in broad daylight… It’s… obviously illegal. It’s an international crime.”

    This migrant crisis will only get worse.

  • Americans increasingly blame their political rivals for their hardships and show compassion only toward those who share their beliefs.

    Ok, I get that you’re saying we need to unite but you can’t heal a wound without removing the necrotic, bacteria laden tissue first. One side is, literally, doing everything in their power to regulate less, pollute more, and scam people into voting against their best interests.

    One side reacted to Sandy Hook by saying “never again,” while the other side reacted to say “No, we’ll take more of that please.”

  • Another article that can’t even bother linking to the actual research

    Astronauts have an unusually high rate of kidney stone formation, with 1-year post-flight astronauts experiencing incidence rates of 2–7 times that of pre-flight estimates, and in-flight risk estimated to be double that again5. This is of mission critical significance, one Soviet in-flight renal stone episode nearly caused a mission termination due to the severe symptoms, but was relieved by spontaneous stone passage by the cosmonaut just before an urgent deorbit was initiated

    It has been demonstrated that spaceflight associated changes in urinary biochemistry favour kidney stone formation

    the kidney is an exquisitely radiation sensitive organ; it is the dose limiting organ in abdominal radiotherapy

    Our data robustly and orthogonally supports tubular remodelling occurring in microgravity with and without GCR (Galactic Cosmic Radiation). This is highly likely to have functional consequences, as tubular remodelling does in other scenarios39.

    Renal remodelling in microgravity (possibly related to the cephalad fluid shift) may therefore be a primary event that causes subsequent dysregulation of serum and urine electrolyte homeostasis. This is supported by the prompt return to baseline of humans on return to terrestrial gravity.

    Sounds like GCR is a big concern to Renal functionality due to it’s sensitivity to radiation, but they don’t think it’s the main driver of astronauts subsequent renal dysfunction. Interesting stuff.

  • While psychologists say belief in conspiracy theories is often linked to paranoia or other mental health issues, the racial conspiracies that Black people believe are rooted in factual acts of intentional or negligent harm.

    Well-documented examples include the surveillance of political leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., malpractice in medical research in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and the massacre of Black people and destruction of their communities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921.

    These historic events (and others described in later chapters of this report) provide the context for some Black Americans’ belief in racial conspiracy theories.

    This paper speaking out both sides of it’s mouth for this one. “Black belief that the justice system is designed to hold them back is rooted in factual events… that cause them to believe some kooky conspiracy theories like the justice system has a racist bias!”

  • The guy saw people with what looked like guns going towards a shopping center that contained, among others, his child in a karate class. If the situation had been real, then his actions could have potentially saved lives, which is what his intention obviously was. I said that phrase specifically to evoke in the readers mind, how they have similarly been well-intentioned in the past, but the situation turned out doing harm. We’ve all had instances where we tried to do something good, and it turned out bad. This guy tried to be a hero, and instead he’s the villain. Calling him well-intentioned isn’t “apologetic framing,” it’s what happened. And it should serve as a stark reminder to everyone still walking around with guns, that their good intentions mean absolutely nothing.