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  • Maybe. I actually have a dehydrator I use with plenty of airflow.

    But I think that only solves part of the problem because that makes it really good at drying the outside but it’s still going to have trouble past the first couple layers. I think the fact moisture would also have a hard time penetrating means current options work well enough.for most people.

    Anecdotally I can support this, recently I had a particularly old roll of petg that I dried for a larger print and later in the print started getting all stringy and messy.

  • Using my decades of experience in how programming and compilers works and the fact Mozilla has used it to great effect and how it is being used for parts of the Linux kernel… Yeah just a general statement it doesn’t make any sense.

    Maybe they aren’t effective at designing software with the paradigms of the language or they don’t like it but the given explanation doesn’t track.