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I made wanderer - a self-hosted trail and GPS track database

Over the last two months, I developed wanderer. It is a self-hosted alternative to sites like or in other words a self-hosted trail database. It started out more as a small hobby project to teach myself some new technologies but in the end, I decided to develop it into a fully-fledged application.

Core Features:

  • Manage your trails
  • Extensive map integration and visualization
  • Share trails with other people and explore theirs
  • Advanced filter and search functionality
  • Create custom lists to organize your trails further
  • Chique design with a dark and light theme
  • Fully mobile compatible

wanderer is completely open-source. You can find the GitHub repo here:

wanderer is still under active development so if you encounter any bugs/errors or have suggestions please let me know here or open an issue on GitHub.