Everyone knows how rabidly reactionary and shitheaded the SW fandom became after the Disney acquisition but I’m finally at my breaking point with this latest wave of chud whining. The Acolyte got review bombed before it even aired because the showrunner is a lesbian and the leading actress is a gay enby. Also a clip of Stenberg from like 6 years ago made the rounds where she says the goal of a completely different project she was working on was to make white men cry and chuds who get all their news from youtubers thought she was talking about the Acolyte.

Fast forward to the show’s release, the chuds continue to whine about woke Star Wars despite the show’s first several episodes being pretty bland and mid in every regard. To disguise their actual reasons for hating the show (diverse cast and queer showrunner) they pull out the absolute most ridiculous reasons to bash it, including but not limited to:

  • “The writing is awful and the story sucks!” (the dialogue is genuinely quite bad at times but no worse than 95% of star wars projects. The general story is a mystery-thriller that’s compelling enough. Also these same people turn around and say the prequels are incredible so funny-clown-hammer)

  • “The show contracts and ruins the prequels!” alright time to put on my nerd cap because the media literacy of these fucking shitbags is nonexistent. “Dark side user” =/= Sith, Red-lightsaber-user =/= Sith, there are tons of darkside users in the galaxy but the Sith area very specific order that the jedi warred with for thousands of years before they were almost completely wiped out. Also half the point of the prequels was to show the Jedi are blinded by their hubris and waning connection to the force, the Sith were right under their nose the entire time and they were just too arrogant to see it, silly Darth Teeth man doesn’t ruin shit in your dog ass shit fuck childrens movies.

  • “The show RETCONS CANON in an UNACCEPTABLE WAY” this is because a prequel side character’s DOB was retconned and he’s a lot older now and appears in the show. These worthless fucks are sending death threats to Wookiepedia editors who change the character’s DOB and screaming that it’s vile yes that’s right it’s VILE to change a fictional background character’s birthday. Just take a look at the replies on that post, yes I know it’s the bird hellsite filled with ragebait but the responses like “oh well I thought that GATEKEEPING was a BAD THING nerd” are just so bleak. Art and media mean nothing to these people, their hobby is not watching Star Wars, its watching ragebait youtubers and getting violently angry about mundane things in shows they’ve never watched and aren’t interested in democracy-manifest Also these screaming manbabies keep referencing non-canon books and shit as “proof” of the show retconning things

The discourse around TLJ was bad but I think I’m finally done engaging with the SW fandom in any way shape or form. My brain has finally been broken by the chuds. I don’t think I’ll even tell people I like SW anymore because these shitbrains have just ruined it. And yes I know I need to touch-grass but if you don’t spend a decent amount of time in these SW fandom circles I promise you don’t know how bad it actually is


  • YoungSheldonAdelson [they/them]@hexbear.net
    22 days ago

    I don’t think Disney gets why Jedi dress the way they do. That’s in large part the fault of George Lucas who definitely didn’t understand why Jedi dress the way they do.

    We meet Obi-wan, a former warrior monk, living in exile on Tatooine, he’s wearing this threadbare brown robe. Clearly, a lot of inspiration was taken from desert nomadic and ascetic religious traditions. Then what is Obi-wan wearing in Episode 3 at the height of the Republic era? The robes he was wearing for his 20-year desert exile on Tatooine!

    Now a hundred years before obi-wan is born all the Jedi are wearing the same brown robes?!

    I’m looking at the Acolyte costumes now and all the leather bits look totally fresh, no creases or signs of use. Are the jedi ascetics with a utilitarian dress code? How come they all dress like a desert nomad while they have their base of operations on a megalopolis city world? I don’t fucking know.