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  • TakiostoMemes@lemmy.mlthe debt
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    I’m not the biggest fan of capitalism myself but the existence of debt does not mean it is broken. Debt is a mechanism to allow for solid investments, e.g. building infrastructure or schools that will create a net positive in the (far) future.
    Germany for example has enacted a Schuldenbremse (debt-break) in 2009 and forbids our states to take on new debt and limits the debt taken on the federal level to a minisule percentage of the GDP. Our infrastructure is currently slowly but noticeably crumbling away, bridges are getting closed for heavy traffic and experts say many of them have become irreparable due to missing maintenance and need to be fully rebuild in a few years. The local military barracks are in such a desolate condition that the soldiers need to drive two towns over to shower. We might not take on financial debt, but an infrastructure debt that will demand an even bigger toll on us.

  • At its core it is a sandbox war economy simulator in space with some bad (optional) story tacked onto it. It offers some tutorials but most things will be learning-by-doing. The battles are quite fun and you can participate with whatever ship you like, from fighters, frigates or corvettes all the way up to destroyers and carriers. Building your own stations to fill the deliberate shortages of the NPC economies is very satisfying and the station designer is easy to use. The universe is somewhat dynamic with warring factions being able to take over territory of other factions and the Xenon faction posing a threat to everyone although these changes are slow so you won’t be rushed into defending yourself (except if you setup shop near enemy territory).