I just learned about the Fediverse in May. I now have a Lemmy account, and a Mastadon account.

I’m not interested in /kbin, as I have no interest in facebook, but something caught my eye. SpaceHey.

Problem is, with mainstream things, you can google and find out which places are safe, private, not stealing your info…or you can find out that they’re facebook, and stealing EVERYBODYS personal data. Even people who’ve never signed up.

I have less info on SpaceHey. And since I figure you guys know what’s going on, maybe you can give it a yay or nay. I’m also interested in Peertube.

I’ve seen a few of their profiles, and when they say they made it just like 2008 myspace, they’re pretty much wrong. This isn’t 2008 myspace. By 2008 myspace was still a social network, but they were making major changes to the interface.

The profiles I saw looked more like a customized myspace profile from 2006. It was just a huge difference, but I was there.

Also, I’m unclear if it’s because I have no account, but the profile display pictures don’t seem to have any way to click them. You used to be able to click them, and go into a page of many pictures. The one on your profile we just called your “default photo”. It was the one to represent YOUR profile. I’m also noticing that nobodies default photo is their own face. It’s all anime and drawn picture art. That’s not in the spirit on 2006 myspace. Your default pic was the one that you thought made you look the best.

So youngin’s, don’t think the idea of super close face shots, or above the head looking down shots to hide your personal body issues are some new concept. We were doing it in the dying days of 56k connections. Back when some of you were learning your shapes and colors. We were debating if that picture was default worthy, and wondering if we should re-arrange our top 8. Then getting offended when our profile was dropped from one of our friends top 8s, or moved down a rank.

Long before there was “facebook official” there was “top 8 worthy”.

So, is there anything bad I should know about SpaceHey, other than the massive amount of nostolgia it’s hitting me with?