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  • Nothing like a good ole music genre debate. People acting like classic rock was “classic” the day it was recorded and ignoring all the other sub categories those 60s/70s/80s songs would have fallen into. Rock is a broad fucking category including every genre of rock under it including “nu-metal” and 20 year old music is now old, aka classic.

    I remember hearing smells like teen spirit on my local classic rock station for the first time in the mid '00s and thinking this will rustle a few feathers. Its securely classic rock now lol. Even if it’s grunge.

  • That’s just not true at all. Literally one of the most famous games ever made remade with modern graphics couldn’t be successful? When squenix announced a remake, and the internet exploded, that is exactly the game everyone expected it to be. Even at launch day we still thought the story would be mostly unchanged.

    I’m not arguing in favor of keeping turn based combat.

    How exactly would keeping the original story have made a remake less successful? New players would have played it either way, and I find it very hard to believe that the number of fans of the original who would have avoided the game due it being “the same game” outnumber the number of fans who were sold a remake and didn’t find out until half way through that this was a different game.

  • At the top of every reddit “What movie should never be remade?” thread is the LOTR trilogy. Well… I totally agree the movies are great, but not quite timeless. When I rewatched them a couple years ago for the first time in a long time I couldn’t get over the feeling that it screamed “Filmed and directed in the late 90s and early 00s!” I don’t have the film knowledge to point out exactly what it is but something about the way it is shot looks very dated to me and hasn’t aged as well, in my opinion, as everyone on the internet says it is.

    I really do love the music and the art style and sets and casting too. Maybe it doesn’t need a reshoot, but a recut?

  • In FF7R someone gave sephiroth a playstation and a copy of ff7 and he played it and saw himself lose, so now he’s trying to change history while spooky fate ghosts are trying to stop him and you from changing the game’s story. The changes are not improvements to the story. It’s like they forgot they’re remaking the most famous video game of all time, and thought they needed to fix it to make sales. The thing that makes me saddest about this game is that because it exists, we will never get a remake of the real ff7, one without blocks for hands.

    Ff7 was pretty dark, and most famous for killing off its heroine. I’m not confident that’s even going to happen this time. They didn’t even let the members of avalanche die for some reason.

    I particularly loved the music of ff7. It was simple, but the songs were powerful and memorable. The new music added a dozen instruments to each track, all playing over the main theme and drowning it out. The new music is just pretty-good bgm. Old Shinra theme was intense. New Shinra theme was weak.