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  • It depends on many things. The webbrowser thing is just because of the size of the package.

    AUR is not necessarily slower. It depends on if you have to compile it or not, size of build dependencies…

    There are too many variables.

    If you install AUR things with yay or paru… It’s pretty safe to just Ctrl+C once. It should clean everything up.

    In any case, yes, the *-bin packages generally are pre-compiled, so someone else has done the effort already, so your install is just way faster.

  • The second one. Some apps were taking advantage of the fact that X allowed any program access to EVERYTHING on your screen, shortcuts, etc. Wayland ensures more control, which is excellent news, but definitely the change requires programs to adapt, and some have not (AnyDesk, for example).

  • You can configure Krunner to not use some services that may be causing tthe lag.

    It’s superfast in my machine.

    Also, I think the first launch is the most problematic, so try to launch the background service at start, there must be some tutorials on this.

    In any case, Krunner is not supposed to be a key-combo launcher. It’s a search engine. Use shortcuts for opening your most used apps.

    • Super+B for browser
    • Super+E for file explorer

    …and so on